June 04, 2013

Luna Dream

You might, or might not (useless statement, I know) be aware of a game that has been circling the MLP fanbase, named Luna Game. Simply put, it’s a seemingly normal platformer, until a rather creepy image of one of the show’s characters comes up (accompanied by some kind of sound effect).

These are two screenshots from the luna game (NOT this game):

Seems normal, right?


So, I said I was going go make a remix of that game. Wouldn’t that be called a sequel? Not in this case. The point of this game is to take the concepts of the luna game, and put them into a completely different light (so that the creepy images would be actually part of the game, and not just a troll/shock for no reason).

The plot of the game is that Luna is in a dream, and the dream isn’t exactly a steady one. All of her friends (the mane 6, and her sister) die, and each time she finds one dead, a bunch of rather creepy/scary images pop up (like in the luna game), except that they’re all related to the death of that pony. The last image, though, will always be the same: Nightmare moon… but it’s not clear that it’s her at the beginning, since it will be very blurry (each time she discovers another pony dead, when that image pops up, it will be less blurry than it was the time before, with the end, being completely clear). Once she discovers her sister dead (which is the last pony she discovers dead), the environment will change slightly (not too much), but the dead ponies will fade away, and nightmare moon will be somewhere close by, visible to the player. The game will then be ended once luna has escaped nightmare, which then wakes her up. She discovers she is still imprisoned in the moon.

You probably skipped that paragraph, didn’t you? Well, read the last bit at least.

Read it? Good. So how do you escape nightmare? You just have to run away, right? When you’re in a dream (or at least, when I’m in a dream), it feels like as if you run very slowly (especially when in danger), and it’s really hard to run fast. Well, guess which game uses this? Yeah

I know what you’re thinking: “Wishful thinking, you’ll never get this project done”. I would have thought so too, if I hadn’t created the whole engine within a week. Now, all that’s left is the enemies (and minor things here and there in the engine, such as menus, speed fixes, etc…), finish the level, and music (that will be the longest part).



You can see the motion blur (look at the green platform below, and you can also see a fade of the old player’s orientation). It gives a more “dreamy” feel to the game, along with the intentionally overly-simple physics

Try the game: (long download time) https://c9.io/mijyn/luna-dream/workspace/index.html

Github: https://github.com/MiJyn/luna-dream

Quick note, due to the game being hosted (and written) on cloud9, it’s extremely easy to collaborate (google docs-like code editing, plus live chat), so if anyone wants to help out, let me know! How? Well, there is a contact button….

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