June 04, 2013

Death by a blink (WIP)

As with nearly all of my programming projects, this idea came up by boredom. Well, somewhat… more indirectly caused by boredom, than being directly caused by it. Anyways, so I contacted one of my old friends to catch up with him, see how things were going, etc… and then, out of the blue, he offered to help out on art with my game! What was even more surprising, is that he kept the offer when he learned of my age (at the time, and also at the time of writing, 14).

Now that the artistic element could be covered (and done very well, he’s awesome at it!), I knew that the engine had to be rewritten, so that the game could have reasonable effects at a reasonable speed, since the previous engine was written in CoffeeScript (an easier dialect of Javascript).

Going on, here is basically the plot of the game: You’re in a controlled dream, and, after you die at first (which is almost inevitable), you become aware that you are in a dream, but it does NOT go into limbo (because it’s controlled). The enemies, like in Stone Killers, can only move and kill when you’re not looking at them, but, unlike Stone Killers, the enemies are actually you (you know the saying of “you are your own worst enemy”? Yeah…).

The point of the game is to get out of the dream, which is accomplished by exiting the “mansion” you are in.

So here are the current game and graphic specs:

As you can see, a lot of this has already been implemented! The rest is not going to take too much time, but the level design and music is going to take a lot of time, along with programming the level editor itself.

The engine of the game (named death by an engine… yeah, quite creative… NOT) is written in C++, using SDL for the OS abstraction, and OpenGL for the graphics.



Project page: https://github.com/MiJyn/dbab.

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