Speed has always been an issue in many applications, but sometimes slowness can be avoided by using every resource available to the program. By running different operations on each CPU core, relinux cuts down the time needed to generate your Linux distribution.

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Relinux gives a helping hand to every part of creating your distro. From configuring applications to giving tips on making your distro look more professional to editing the installer, relinux will help you.

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As relinux is completely modular, you can not only create the base image, but also automate the tasks that you commonly do when creating a new version of your distro.

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Add ppa:relinux-dev/testing to your software sources.
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Once you have added the PPA, click this link to install relinux.


Other downloads are available at https://github.com/MiJyn/relinux/downloads.
Older releases of relinux are available at https://launchpad.net/relinux.

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